❎ TODO changelog ci/cd pipeline

❎ TODO bookmarks images page needs refactor, and image logic in general

❎ TODO battlestation needs images

Todo tags

tagging a todo in org mode renders kind of funny when doing the conversion from org to markdown to whatever docsify does for converting md to js.


org and markdown both render not superscripted and little funny

open sourcing

would like to open source this site so people can copy it for there own uses easier.

filewatcher for local development

it would be nice to be able to set up [Watchmen](https://facebook.github.io/watchman/) to look for changes an rebuild the site on file when using docker, that way my volume could be mounted and I wouldn't have to rebuild for previews

possibly force full refresh in browser as well?

generate sidebar on builds

test images locally

currently the weird way images are formatted, the only way to test them is locally, see formatting-quirks

check for 404s on deployments