how to drink w/o getting too hung over

Eat protein and carbs
spoonful of olive oil
vitamin c
B Vitamin Complex
Milk Thistle
Burdock Root
During Drinking
Snack, try to eat something with some activated carbon, burnt toast
Vitamin C
Electrolyte Pack
After Drinking
Eat Protein and Carbs
Electrolyte packet
vitamin c
vitamin b complex
milk thistle
burdock root

collagen precursor supplements

collagen is too large for your body to asorb on it's own, taking these precursors will help your body manufacture it

vitamin c

Fish oil

Fish oil supplements may not be useful for already healthy adults Fish oil is a great source of omega-3 fatty acids

Dose: 2400mg fish oil / 1200mg omega 3

Benefits: Heart Health


Dose 450mg

Benefits: adaptogen, immune health


nicotine withdrawal

0.3 mg dose of melatonin significantly reduced self - ratings of anxious, restless, tense, irritable, angry, depressed, impatient, and craving for cigarettes. <sup>[1]</sup>

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dosage 1

Although an ideal dosage is not known, supplementation of 0.1-0.5mg/kg sulforaphane to rats has been noted to be bioactive. This is an estimated human dose of:

7-34 mg for a 150lb person

9-45 mg for a 200lb person

11-57 mg for a 250lb person

These low quantities are likely attainable via raw broccoli or cruciferious vegetable products, while higher doses may be further beneficial. The optimal supplemental dose of sulforaphane is unknown.